Welcome to the Internation Symposium on Tropical Fungi 2013
Bogor, September 10-11, 2013

Early registration will be closed at July 30, 2013

Fungi, the second most diverse organism groups have been studied in less extend. From about 1.5 Mio estimated fungal species only 5% have been described. In Asia, fungi especially mushrooms have been used for therapeutic purposes since centuries. Mushroom-based culinary is also well-known in Asia countries. Tempe–fermented soya becomes daily menu especially in Indonesia. Moreover, fungi play important roles in agriculture and environment. Collaboration between scientists and industry-players in this area is a key success for fungal research and development. Additionally, interregional and interdisciplinary collaboration is expected to foster research activity and its development, especially in tropical fungi. The objective of the symposium is to catalyze research and provide opportunities for researchers and industries to share their experiences and information on the current research activities and its development on tropical fungi and related area.